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Hi and welcome to Urban Style Interiors!


As I sit here in my office (and by office, I mean the outdoor setting on my patio lol) I thought I should take the opportunity to introduce myself, and what Urban Style is all about.


As a brand spanking newbie to business ownership (we started trading in May 2019) the journey so far has been a roller coaster. From the highs of the very first customer to the ultimate discovery that you essentially suck at something (for me…. Bookkeeping! OMG the hours I have spent doing tutorials to learn what on earth I am doing). I have learnt very quickly how important it is to have the right people doing the right things. For me it means I had to get myself a book keeper just so I could focus on being in my business, and stop wasting so much time doing something I clearly do not have an aptitude for (and yes, I praise my book keeper every month for her patience with me!)

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Me walking the Ross Rover with my Son and Daughter - if only she would smile!

Oops.. sorry! I have just realized I am yet to introduce myself! My name is Nicole, I moved to Townsville in 2010 from Toowoomba (mainly to escape the winters…. I am not a lover of the cold!), and do not regret it one bit. I am a mother of 2, and have found Townsville to be a great place to raise kids. I have been in the building industry for roughly 20 years now and must admit that I love it. The building industry is tough, but crazy rewarding; I get a massive kick out of seeing my clients so happy with their finished projects.


Essentially it was this reason that nudged me to venture down the path of Urban Style Interiors. I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to help people turn their house into a home. But I also wanted to help people make more informed choices to better suit their needs; not just sell them something, because that’s what I want to sell them – you would be amazed at how often this happens. So many times (working for other companies in various industries) I was dragged into the managers office “to be told” that I had to push a particular product because they made more money from it. I don’t really work that way, I will always recommend the best option for a particular situation (even if it means losing the sale, so to speak). Have I lost business because of this? YES. Is it a little counterproductive? Sure is. But you know what, I would rather lose a potential client giving them the best advice, then end up with a disappointed client.


So what is Urban Style Interiors about? Essentially, we are a custom made window covering business. We specialize in shutters, curtains and roman blinds (as well as all other internal window coverings). We also offer custom made soft furnishings (think cushions, bedding, bed heads etc) and a comprehensive design service that can be catered to individual situations. We can even assist with home organization (basically we come into your home and put together a plan to maximise the use of your home and/or space).


At this stage we do not have a store front – maybe sometime in the future. I work from home. The idea is that I bring the showroom to you. This is a great option if like most people you are a little time poor.


Once again, Welcome. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.



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